Facilitates proper and coordinated communication throughout the Parish in timely and effective ways, as this is critical both to the growth and support of every area of the life of the Church. This ministry includes the publication of the weekly bulletin, the monthly Cross+Roads newsletter, the Parish web site, the Parish album and directory and other publications.

Church Mailing List

Would you like to be added to the church electronic mailing list ? We would like to use this mailing list to send monthly links to the Cross+Roads Newsletter and other important church news announcements. This will save the church a large amount of annual postage fees. We will not share your email address with any other outside groups and mailings will be limited to important information. To subscribe to the mailing list, CLICK HERE

Cross-Roads Newsletters

The Cross+Roads - October 2019 (download)

The Cross+Roads - September 2019 (download)
The Cross+Roads - June/July/August 2019 (download)
The Cross+Roads - May 2019 (download)
The Cross+Roads - April 2019 (download)
The Cross+Roads - March 2019 (download)
The Cross+Roads - February 2019 (download)
The Cross+Roads - December 2018 and January 2019 (download)
The Cross+Roads - November 2018 (download)
The Cross+Roads - October 2018 (download)
The Cross+Roads - September 2018 (download)
The Cross+Roads - June/July/August 2018 (download)
The Cross+Roads - May 2018 (download)
The Cross+Roads - April 2018 (download)
The Cross+Roads - March 2018 (download)
The Cross+Roads - February 2018 (download)
The Cross+Roads - December 2017 and January 2018 (download)

Strategic Plan 2009 (download)